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Sam is an assistant editor at Seventeen, covering pop culture, celebrity news, health, and beauty. When she isn't draping her cheeks in blush, you can probably find her live-tweeting awards shows or making SwiftToks.

I feel bad about it because I am always so damn horny and I feel like society has painted that to be a bad thing. You always hear about teenage guys being sexually frustrated, but not so much about teenage girls. I feel like we think wanting sex is bad because of the fact that we are girls.

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1she did wrote she get turn on by dicks and she cant stop getting turn on by man moaning so tahts a big freaking clue that shes heteroexual and not a lesbian or biwoman tahst tryng to get her in the woman lesbo garbage team, second assuming that all teenager and man want to take advantage of her its not only totally false but sexist too. I wrote taht she should seek a guy friend taht she can trust and not any guy or man taht she lay eyes on, man like woman can have bad pepol and good pepol, shes not into girls if she was she would have writen about it so stop tryng to fuc whit her sexuality and play games whit her, respect her sexuality, a person sexuality its 1 of the most wonderful to findabout ourself and it should not be sexist, girl poacher like you, family, freinds, stranger and especialy media that change or tell your sexuality it should be the person it self.I have female friends taht was raped by woman, so she can be abused boht by female and male, its not because your a female that your a angel, do your research on woman rape woman. And a lsbian on youtube said she was turn off by straigh girls taht did not know how to eat pussy so the fact you have 1does not make you pro

Thats funny comming from you. I find woman whit woman as exiting as a woman having sex whit a corpse, but i aintanti lesbo, and i wrote to do your own research but the fact that you wrote that crap its a big clue taht your a sexist and blind to reality and mayby even a rapist,find that video on youtube about a woman saying since the age of 6 she was raped by her mother and at age 10 a female freidn if her mother thats a doctor join in raping her for many years and dare say it does not exist.I Had a lesbian friend when i was a teenager n i pretente to be her boyfriendtoward her parents so she coul then go see her girfriend. I have writtent earlier a person sexuality its the most beautiful think do discover and its not you or anyone else but that person self.N you say i am scaring her? Lol whit you pusing into girls and wrting that guys do not care or are not careful or anyother sexist lies like that.Read between the line, if she had any interest in girls she would have writing it, it does exist straig girls so respect them. If she decide 1 day to try whit a girl because it come from her then great i will suport her but not if its a sexist n rapist like you. 041b061a72


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