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My Name Is Khan Full Movie English Subtitles 252

In 2018, Kajol portrayed a helicopter mother with an aspiration to be a singer who enrolls at her son's (Riddhi Sen) college to complete her education in the drama Helicopter Eela,[70] based on Anand Gandhi's Gujarati play Beta, Kaagdo.[208] She was particuraly drawn to the role for its colourful personality and her relationship with her son.[209] The feature failed both commercially and with critics,[210][211] and Kajol's performance was met with a mixed reception.[212] A reviewer for wrote that she "doesn't have Riddhi Sen's comfort level in the comic scenes. She settles down when the movie finally does."[213] Writing for the Hindustan Times, Raja Sen criticised her boisterousness but said that the film's director Pradeep Sarkar "has lucked out with his heroine. Kajol is full of verve, and her enthusiasm is infectious even when her intensely eager character comes across as too chirrupy."[214] The same year she dubbed the character Helen Parr in the computer-animated superhero film Incredibles 2's Hindi version.[215]

My Name Is Khan Full Movie English Subtitles 252


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