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The Skulls - I Teschi

Luke McNamara è uno studente modello e campione di canottaggio, il cui sogno è quello di entrare a far parte della società segreta de "I Teschi". Nonostante gli avvertimenti del suo amico Will Beckford, che sta conducendo una ricerca sulla setta per un suo articolo di giornale, Luke accetta l'invito di alcuni adepti insieme al futuro collega Caleb a entrare nella setta segreta e inizialmente assapora i vantaggi di essere un "teschio".

The Skulls - I teschi


Researchers first discovered the macabre monument in 2015, when they were restoring a building constructed on the site of the Aztec capital, according to BBC News. The cylindrical rack of skulls is located near the Metropolitan Cathedral, which was built over the ruins of the Templo Mayor between the 16th and 19th centuries.

The Skulls - I teschi è stato accolto dalla critica nel seguente modo: sull'aggregatore di recensioni Rotten Tomatoes il film ha ottenuto un punteggio medio del 9% sul 100%, su Metacritic ha invece ottenuto un voto di 24 su 100 mentre su Imdb il pubblico lo ha votato con 5.6 su 10

Have you seen elaborately a decorated Sugar Skull and wanted to make one? I have put together a video tutorial to show you how to make sugar skulls for the Day of the Dead but before we get to that let me tell you a little bit about the tradition of making sugar skulls.

Cut some parchment paper and cardboard so that they are a bit bigger than the skull mold. Set the parchment paper over the top of the mold then set the cardboard on top of the parchment paper. Grab onto the mold and cardboard, and carefully flip them upside down and set on the counter. Carefully lift the mold up off the sugar skulls. The mold should come right off. If the sugar sticks, it's too wet. Scrape it out of the mold, clean the mold, and add some more dry sugar to the mixture and try molding it again. If your sugar skulls do not hold together you will need to add a bit more water.

Spread a thin layer of royal icing on the flat part of the backside of each skull. Press the front and back sides together. Use your finger to wipe off the icing that oozes out from between the two pieces. Allow the icing to dry for at least an hour before decorating your skulls.

This ancient practice survived in some cultures well into the historic times. Ćele Kula, (lit. Skull Tower) in Niš Serbia, built in 1809 by Turkish general Hurshi Pasha out of skulls of defeated Serb rebels represents one of the most recent and best preserved examples of this tradition.

In total, 952 skulls were used. In its original form, the tower stood 15 feet high and 13 feet wide. Skulls were arranged in 56 rows, with 17 skulls in each row, at each side of the tower. The skull of rebel commander Stevan Sinđelić was placed at the top. This gruesome edifice, left a deep scar in the Serbian national psyche. However, it failed at its purpose. The Serbs rebelled again in 1815, this time successfully, driving off the Turks and winning independence in 1830.

In the years immediately following the building of the tower, the families of deceased rebels chiseled away some of the skulls in order to give them proper funerals. Today 58 skulls in total remain in the tower.

64 pages, 21x28 cm, 190 drawings, various artists. Skulls in the most contemporary styles as well as classic styles revisited: realistic, avant-garde, dotwork, blackwork, traditional, new school and cartoon style as well as black and grey, small skulls, Mexican sugar skulls and much more. A timeless icon interpreted with imagination and creativity.There are skulls that have been reinterpreted in the most up-to-date styles with techniques that borrow aspects of modern art, graphics, street art and many other sources of visual input. There are also classic skulls, these too interpreted with imagination and inexhaustible creativity. From the much-loved traditional style and its most representative icon, the Mexican skull, known as the sugar skull, to the new school style which takes elements from old school, cartoons and the hip hop culture. Other styles include the intricate technique of dotwork and elements of avant-garde, blackwork and the spectacular realistic style worked in black and grey, the highly expressive technique which plays on the use of different shades of grey.

A race of people with elongated skulls, a chamber of unbelievable acoustic properties, and the mysterious disappearance of more than 7,000 skulls makes you think that something very special happened in this place, yet very few people to know about it, and it appears someone wanted it to be this way.

It is very suspicious that all the skulls would disappear. Most likely someone or an organization that is afraid of changing the history books ideas on evolution. This is so wrong. They are lucky the culprits didn't destroy this series of chambers. I believe that sound can heal and perhaps this is a great healing chamber where the sounds can cure people or make them better. And no matter how much coverup has gone on with concealing discoveries, facts, evidence, and historical data (such as man being alive at the time of dinosaurs), if there were space aliens visiting earth at one time, most likely they will be back and no church or other organization will be able to stop it in the future. If space aliens or other people were on earth at one time, and if we are descended from this, it cannot be undone no matter what is hidden and/or stolen. It is also a form of prejudice.

Two facts rise out of the mire of the often colorfull universe of theory. First, the skulls themselves. That they represent a real deviation from the norm is beyond debate. Secondly, the deliberate attempt to keep it a secret is also undeniable. I see only two possibilities come from this short list; One is that there is/ was a completley unique species or our planet was colonized. After that, my certainty falls back into the realm of speculation but while I wade in those waters my instincts tell me the latter is the case and Our story is interwinded with Them.

This whole "sub-culture" we have going on here, in regard to alternative origins of humanity is fueled by that mystery. To me, the skulls are the smoking gun. They cannot be talked away. They are the jig dancing elephants in the room.

Nobody without a sound movie camera there at the time can PROVE any archeological claims. It cannot be done, and there are , to make things worse any number of forgeries and fakes, and here we are given to believe that 7000 skulls went missing, but where were their skeletons, and could they not simply be catacomb remains

of very recent origin, as the meditterranean cultures all have many mass burial sites of this kind . As these skulls are not around to look at unfortunately nobody knows or can say how many of them were elongated. One, three, all, or a couple of dozen.

Si chiama 'The Skull Parade - Il tempo della vanità' ed è la mostra di grandi teschi colorati realizzata in collaborazione con la fondazione del carnevale di Viareggio, allestita davanti al teatro Goldoni, in via Carlo Mayer, in vista della doppia rappresentazione dell'opera di Pietro Mascagni 'Le Maschere', in programma nel fine settimana. Artigiani-artisti internazionali, come spiegano dalla Fondazione Goldoni, si sono confrontati con l'archetipo del teschio: "Un volume a tuttotondo, inizialmente assolutamente bianco, pronto ad accogliere le sollecitazioni di ciascun creativo con la massima libertà espressiva".

Ne sono scaturiti, spiegano ancora dalla Fondazione, teschi-scultura decorati, istoriati, simbolici, alchemici, esoterici, surreali, metafisici e ironici che rappresentano lo spirito rinnovato di un Carnevale che, nel rispetto dell'evoluzione antropologica mondiale, si mostra come 'allegoria' di una maestria senza tempo che, tramandatasi da padre a figlio, da maestro ad apprendista, unisce tradizione e innovazione.


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